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SYBHEL Project Short Story Competition – Free E-Book of Short Listed Stories

SYBHEL Short Story Competition – Free E-Book of Short Listed Stories The deadline for the SYBHEL Project’s short story competition has now passed. The shortlisted entries have been collected together with an introductory essay on the ethical implications of synthetic biology and published as a kindle e-book. The e-book is available to download FREE from [...]

Call for Papers: Synthetic Biology for Human Health: Bioethics Special Issue

Synthetic Biology for Human Health: Ethical and Policy Issues Bioethics Special Issue Guest Editors: Nikola Biller-Andorno, Ruud ter Meulen, Ainsley J Newson CLOSING DATE FOR SUBMISSIONS: 1st October, 2012 The Editors of Bioethics are pleased to announce a special issue in 2013 on the ethical and policy issues in synthetic biology for human health. Synthetic [...]

Discussion with Vitor Martins dos Santos Part 3

Discussion with Professor Vitor Martins dos Santos Part 3 This is the final part of my discussion with Prof Vitor Martins dos Santos. Have a listen. Discussion with Professor Vitor Martins dos Santos Part 2 – Laboratory Setup The setup of a laboratory is not always seen as the most interesting of topics, but I [...]

SynBio Policy Blog – Dr. Conor Douglas

Why critiques of SynBio from NGOs and civil society need to be taken seriously by: Conor Douglas, PhD   Earlier this month a report entitled ‘The Principles for the Oversight of Synthetic Biology’ was released by a collection of NGOs and civil society organizations, which outlines ‘principles necessary for the effective assessment and oversight of [...]

The Clinical Potential of Synthetic Biology

Fighting Infection Cancer Vaccines Friendly Bacteria Cellular and Regenerative Medicine Conclusion Introduction. One way to look at medicine is that it attempts to repair malfunctions of the human body, be they internal errors such as genetic diseases or invasions of parasites and pathogens. Synthetic biology aims to re-engineer biological processes, and to do so in [...]

“What is life?”: Different Answers to a Simple Question in View of Synthetic Biology

INTRODUCTION Click here for a copy of the annotated bibliography on synthetic biology and the creation of life The title of the SYBHEL Work Package 2 for which the SYBHEL-participants from the IBME (Institute of Biomedical Ethics) at the University of Zurich are responsible is: “Synthetic Biology and the Definition and Creation of life”. We [...]

Brainstorming on Sybhel and SynBio

30. March 2011. at 8.30 in Harkai Schiller Pál Library (1089 Budapest Nagyvárad tér 4. 20th Floor) In the Brainstorming series of the Institute of Behavioural Sciences of Semmelweis University, Sybhel and ethical questions of SynBio will be discussed. The discussion will be led by the participants of Sybhel project in Hungary: Zsófia Clemens, József [...]

Video and Podcasts: Synthetic Biology

This post contains links to media, such as podcasts and video, concerned with synthetic biology: Podcast: Philosophy Bites: Interview with Julian Savulescu on Synthetic biology Podcast: Drew Endy, Jim Thomas “Synthetic Biology Debate”

News: Synthetic Biology

This post contains links to news articles concerned with synthetic biology: A Life of Its Own: Where will synthetic biology lead us? While Darwin observed evolution, synthetic biologists are learning to control it Hacking DNA Adventures in Synthetic Biology SG Biofuels Collaborates with Life Technologies for the Development of Jatropha as Sustainable Biofuel Broad Consensus [...]

Nature Biotechnology Focus on Synthetic Biology

The January 2010 issue of Nature features several pieces about synthetic biology. To access click here The December 2009 issue of Nature Biotechnology has a Focus on Synthetic Biology. The pap investigate a range of issues including intellectual property, the definition of synthetic biology, safety, regulation and the relationship with policy. To be taken to [...]