Publications from SYBHEL

Calladine, A; ter Meulen R. (2010) Synthetic biology & human health: some initial thoughts on the ethical questions and how we ought to approach them. Law Hum Genome Rev; (32):119-41

Anna Deplazes-Zemp

The Conception of Life in Synthetic Biology Sci Eng Ethics. 2011 Published online April 12

Scientific Knowledge Leads to Moral Responsibilities – Case Study Synthetic Biology Anna Deplazes-Zemp, Sebastian Leidel

In: Moira CockellJérôme BillotteFrédéric DarbellayFrancis Waldvogel (Eds.) 2011. Common Knowledge, The challenge of Transdisciplinarity. EPFL Press, 61-72

SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY :A joint report by the the Spanish Bioethics Committee and the Portuguese National Ethics Council for the Life Sciences




Publications from SYBHEL workshop participants;

Zwart H (2011) On decoding and rewriting genomes: a psychoanalytical reading of a scientific revolution Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy


Publications from other organisations:

  • UK Royal Academy of Engineering Report: “Synthetic Biology: Scope, Applications and Implications.”
  • The United Kingdom’s Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Resarch Council commissioned a report into the ethical and social issues in SynBio. This report was published in June 2008. Click here for the website for this report
  • A short briefing published by the UK Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST). Available here.
  • The EGE met in Brussels on 19 May 2009 to discuss Synthetic Biology. Click here for a report on the proceedings.
  • The Systems and Synthetic Biology journal has recently published a special issue on social aspects of SynBio. Click here for access.
  • The December 2009 issues of the Nature Biotechnology Journal published an issue focusing on Synthetic Biology. Click here for access.